Who is Michael La Ronn?

Who I am: Michael La Ronn, science fiction & fantasy author at your service. I write about underdogs, and my fiction is hopelessly optimistic.

Why I write: I almost died in 2012 and the near-death experience made me realize that being an author was my true calling in life. (see the video above)

What I write about: Underdogs. Heroes who aren't typical heroes. Sometimes they're outsiders or outcasts. Sometimes they're blood-thirsty, evil dragons. But I love to tell stories about characters whose odds are stacked against them. 

Where I'm from: St. Louis, born and raised. I live in Des Moines, Iowa now. 

When I started writing: Total cliche answer, but I started writing when I was a kid. Every writer will tell you that…….but I have the awful poems and embarrassing short stories to PROVE it. 

How I write: I wake up at 5:30AM every morning and write. I drink lots of tea. And then I write some more. When I'm not reading, of course.

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