Who is Michael La Ronn?

Who I am: Michael La Ronn, science fiction & fantasy author at your service. I write about underdogs, and my fiction is hopelessly optimistic.

Crazy guess: but you probably read books religiously.

You wake up. You go to work.

During your breaks, MAYBE you sneak in a page or two of a novel.

You go home. Make dinner. Play video games/have family time/exercise.

MAYBE once the day is over, you have some time to read.

If you’re lucky. 

You deserve to have fun when you’re squirreled away in the pages of book, don’t you? (YES, you do!)

So sit back, relax, and let me tell you a story.

My Horror Story that Led Me to Become a Writer Real Fast: In 2012 my wife and I went out to dinner. I fell ill with food poisoning the next day.

I was in the hospital for a month. Turns out it was deadly.

Seriously, it sucked. But I’m OK now.

I swore right then and there on my hospital bed that I would succeed as a writer no matter what—and that I would bend the universe around me if I had to.

I swore that I would write the best science fiction & fantasy for readers who loved:

  • Underdogs
  • Unexpected twists, turns & humor
  • A good time

That’s why you should be one of my readers. 

‘Nuff said. 

Watch the video to learn more about me. 


I am a proud member of The Alliance of Independent Authors, and I am committed to ethics and excellence above all things in publishing my books. 

If you’re an author, click here to learn more about Alli and why they’re the most invaluable organization an author can be part of. 

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