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Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure and wondered how the author did it?

In this short book, author M.L. Ronn demystifies the writing process behind interactive novels.

You’ll learn:
* How to design, write, and edit an interactive novel
* How to create deep characters readers will love
* How to create decisions that matter
* How to keep readers engaged so they won’t stop reading

He pulls back the curtain on his own fiction, showing you never-before-revealed techniques that he used to create his groundbreaking interactive novels. 

If you’ve ever wanted to write a Choose Your Own Adventure-styled book of your own, this is the how-to book you’ve been waiting for. By the time you’re done, you’ll understand how to write engaging interactive fiction.

Are you frustrated with your poetry career?

There's good news. The publishing landscape has changed, and poets have more opportunities to sell their work than ever before.

And guess what? Almost no one is pursuing these options! 

Navigate the New World of Poetry Publishing
Indie poet & author Michael La Ronn walks you through what it really means to be a poet in today's market, and how to use the status quo to your advantage.

In this book, you'll learn:

* What the new landscape looks like and why you should take advantage of it now
* Myths about poetry writing & common traps that poets fall into
* Why you should indie publish your next collection (and how to do it with style)
* How to think about your poetry as a business (hint: it's not just submitting to literary magazines)
* The right way to market a poetry collection without the help of a publisher
* How MFA programs and literary magazines can adapt in order to thrive in this new world

All this and much more. 

NOW is the time to take charge of your writing career. 

Buying this book may be the most important thing you do to reach new readers and improve your sales. 

This is the self-publishing book that poets have been waiting for!

Do you struggle with poetry formatting?

Fortunately, creating a clean poetry book is easier than ever before. Don't fall for the myths that poetry formatting is hard.

In this step-by-step, hassle-free guide, indie poet & author Michael La Ronn walks you through how to format a collection of poetry for ebook and print. No HTML or programming required! Just Scrivener and Microsoft Word.

You'll learn:
* Basic formatting principles and the unqiue elements that make up ebooks & paperbacks
* The tools you should be using
* How to format an ebook for Kindles, EPUB devices, smartphones, and tablets
* How to format a paperback for CreateSpace
* How to set up templates so that you don't have to pay a formatter (and save a lot of $$$)

This book also includes access to Michael's ebook & print formatting templates so you can take your books to the next level.

Buying this book will set you apart from the competition, so scroll up and grab your copy today!

The publishing industry changes so fast it’s hard to keep up.

On any given day there are at least dozens of news articles for authors. You could spend hours reading them all. Odds are, you could also be using that time to write your next book. 

News You Can Use—All in One Place.

The Indie Author State of the Union is a roundup that covers the most important publishing industry news, books, podcasts, and courses of the year that you might have missed. 

It will help you make better business decisions and sell more books. 

Author business coach Michael La Ronn spends hours researching the news so you don’t have to. Every chapter is quick and actionable so you can apply it immediately to your writing business. 

What’s in This Year’s State of the Union?

In this year’s edition you’ll discover:

* What’s happening with Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple and more
* A new YouTube channel for authors that will blow your mind
* Why libraries are the next battleground for indies and how you can join the front lines
* How to write 2 million words a year
* 22 Marketing tools that will improve your book sales
* Important business updates to help you avoid lost sales, fines, and lawsuits

And much more!

Are you ready to become a smarter authorpreneur?

Buy the 2016 Indie Author State of the Union today and build your author platform.

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