A group of vegetable terrorists attempt to take down an empire of processed foods.

Season 1

All Kendall Barnes wanted was a good time. Instead, he got taken hostage by terrorists.

Kendall is an easy-going human who lives in New Eaton, a metropolis where humans and processed foods live lavishly. Vegetables live under the city as second-class citizens.

All Kendall cares about is having fun. When a group of vegetable terrorists attack at a public event, he flees for his life but finds himself taken hostage by Brocc, the leader of the resistance. 
But his captors become unlikely allies when he learns the truth about his processed food “friends”. 

Now the entire city is in danger, and it’s up to him to save it. 

Eaten: Season 1 is the first book in the science fiction series Eaten. Readers who like the cyberpunk genre and Final Fantasy will love this crazy mashup that will change the way you see food forever. Scroll up and click the buy button to grab your copy today!

Season 2

Kendall, Brocc & The Vegans are back, and this time the battleground is the vegetable kingdom. 

Kendall experiences the world outside New Eaton for the first time, and it’s even more dangerous than he expected. 

Brocc struggles to accept the truth about what really happened to his sister.

If you thought Season 1 was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Scroll up to buy Eaten Season 2 today!


—The book that Sodius & the Triumvirate don't want you to read!


The Vegetable Tribune * The New Eaton Times * Peach Palace Press

The Gourmans (processed foods) have declared war on the world. Humans can no longer resist them. Fruits and vegetables are on the verge of extinction.

The secret behind the Gourmans' success? Nutrizeen. What is this mysterious substance, and why is it so powerful?

In this tell-all exposé, the inventor of Nutrizeen himself, Dr. Geoffrey Foster, gives an insider's look at the Triumvirate, life in New Eaton, and the series of events that prompted him to quit his job as the highest-paid scientist in history and flee for his life.

Printed at clandestine locations across New Eaton, Nutrizeen became a bestseller overnight, and it prompted the Triumvirate to issue an order for Dr. Foster’s death. It is required reading from one of the greatest thinkers of our time.

This book is a companion to the fantasy sci-fi series, Eaten, by Michael La Ronn.

Praise for Nutrizeen

“[Dr. Foster] has written the definitive book on processed foods. Digging deep into his own experiences, he gives an intensely personal and lyrical account about how they engineered our own genetics to destroy us. This must be read to be believed!” —King Daucus Carrodias IX of the Vegetable Kingdom

“This book will make you feel guilty about eating, which, if you're a human, might be a good thing.” —The Vegetable Tribune

“If you had any doubts about processed foods, they will sizzle away when you read this book.” —Neal Kresge

“This is messed up, man. Messed up.” —Kendall Barnes


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