Food City (Moderation Online #1)

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The LitRPG series that will make you scratch your head, then say “this is awesome!”

The year 2067: Obesity becomes the #1 killer of humanity. People are dying younger than ever, and doctors are powerless to stop the pandemic. The only salvation is an experimental treatment—a virtual RPG called Moderation Online, where patients live in a fantasy kingdom with vegetable NPCs that subconsciously teach humans how to make better choices in life. 

Kendall Barnes is the newest entrant in this idyllic world. African-American, obese, diabetic, and a survivor of a heart attack, the game is his last chance at a normal life. 

But as doctors download him into the game, hackers inject a virus into the world—an evil civilization of processed foods whose sole goal is to destroy everything in the game by brainwashing humans and slaughtering vegetables. Kendall falls under their spell. 

When game developers introduce a patch to challenge the virus—a group of terrorist vegetables who fight back against the processed foods—Kendall finds himself in the middle of an epic food fight when the vegetables take him hostage. But he questions everything when he discovers that maybe the vegetables aren’t the bad guys after all. 

Food City is the first book in Michael La Ronn’s Moderation Online LitRPG series, inspired by Final Fantasy and JRPGs. With a fast-paced story, fun characters, and lots of action, Moderation Online is mouthwateringly cool. 

*Moderation Online was formerly published as the Eaten series.

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Fast-paced, with plenty of action, awesome dialogue, and some startling moments” -Loretta Lynn

This is a fantastical fun read. The author creates very visual mental images, so that it is like watching some crazy comic flow through your mind.” – Samantha G

“This is one of the most creative premises I’ve come across in a long time.” -LAS Reviewer

Like other books by La Ronn, the concept can seem off the wall, but if you give it a chance, you find a good story, sharply written, and an entertaining read.” -MiloXiang 

“It's like a mash-up of everything awesome in my childhood.” -Kindle Customer

“I liked how well the author was able to use food to build every inch of the world and it made perfect sense…The elaborate world the author built was quite imaginative and creative. It's worth reading if you're into books that immerse you deep into the fantasy.” -Amazon Customer

*Reviews taken from earlier edition of the book. The story itself remains unchanged.

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