How to Be Bad

A woman accidentally makes a deal with a demon and has to steal three souls to break the deal.

What would you do if you could commit any illegal act without getting caught?

Bebe McFerrin is a pushover. A co-worker stole her only chance for partnership at the law firm, and she’s the laughingstock of the century. 

Enter the suave demon, Ladouche, who gives her the power to get revenge with complete immunity. 

Bebe accepts Ladouche’s offer but doesn’t realize it’s a binding contract. Now she must use her newfound power to steal the souls of three innocent people. If she fails, her own soul will be at stake. 

Be the force behind the story, not just a reader.

How to Be Bad is a Decision Select Novel where YOU, the reader, choose what happens in the story. You’ll control Bebe as she navigates through Ladouche’s moral acrobatics. 

Every choice counts! 

What readers are saying 

“What an intriguing idea!” 

“Takes me back to my younger days.” 

“It’s not hard to get carried away with this book, especially because the story can change each time you read it.” 

“Ladouche is a really great character, even if he is a bit of douche.” 

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