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What if YOU could commit any illegal act without getting caught?

The name's Bebe, and I'm a pushover.

A co-worker sabotaged my career at work, and in true Bebe fashion, I just let it happen.

I wished that I could make her pay.

Enter a demon, Ladouche, who grants me the power to get revenge with complete immunity. No cops, no jail, no nada.

Revenge feels good. Really good. But now the demon is asking for the souls of three innocent people in return for my new power. If I fail to procure the souls, then I'll lose my own.

Not quite what I bargained for…


Magic Souls is an interactive urban fantasy much like a Choose Your Own Adventure. You'll control Bebe as she navigates through Ladouche's lies and deception. Read it multiple times, unlock different endings, and relive your childhood.

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*Formerly published as How to Be Bad: A Decision Select Novel.

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“How to Be Bad reads like a CYOA, but has a darker and more humorous tone, and my favorite part is the fact that no matter what path you choose, you get a different outcome, but a full story” – MiloXiang

“Overall, an interesting read and well worth your time, especially if you remember those CYOA books like I do.” – Jason Crawford

“[It] was so much fun experimenting with a book of this type made specifically for adults. The choices were more complicated than in those books designed for a younger audience…I liked this a lot.” – Jude Fawley

“Given the abilities that this author has shown-both in this book's writing, and in his ability to market the book-we actually expect VERY big things from him in the future.” – GoodBadBizarre Reviews

“One nice touch are the pages in between decision points that warn you to stop reading, or else you'll get confused by a different story line. Probably kind of important for a book without physical pages to turn. ” – Buddy Brannan

“This book has a well-developed story and character arc, and you really get to see the character grow from page one. It's almost just a bonus that you can actively participate in the story.” – Kevin Tumlinson

It's not hard to get carried away with this book, especially because the story can change each time you read it.” – Lbrygrl 

*Reviews taken from former edition of this book. The story and content did not change in the new edition of this book.

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