Old Dark (The Last Dragon Lord #1)

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Old Dark is a viperous dragon lord who rules the world with an iron fist.

For two hundred years he and his dragons have terrorized humans and elves, forcing them to pay tribute or die.

There’s a deadly conspiracy brewing. And if he doesn’t contain it, it will destroy him and everything he’s built.

But Dark was born to fight. There’s a reason the ancients called him Dark the Wicked…

Old Dark is the first book in the dark fantasy series The Last Dragon Lord. Readers who like the Age of Fire series and Smaug from the Lord of the Rings will enjoy this series.

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“So what I can say is that the story line kept me wanting more, at times I was in tears, and at other times I was laughing.” – Gina F

“The magic system is unique and the political angle is a nice detour from the more traditional paranormal noir of the genre.” – Kindle Customer

“This book was deliciously good.” -Life of a Crazy Mom

“What can I say about this book…? Other than it is utterly amazing. I was completely enthralled by the story of Old Dark; it’s the perfect combination of old school fantasy meets new urban fantasy.” -Cassandra Delorie

“Excellent read where the story seems to take one direction and changes with surprises on every page!” -Big Mike

“He has combined fantasy, mystery, and modern day politics all together into a very good read.” -Dorothy Ingram

“…this well-written story has believable characters, a reasonable plot and a nicely-crafted world.” -Julie Elizabeth Powell

For this dragon, revenge is a dish best served in flames. Click to buy today!


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