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YouTube for Authors with Michael La Ronn. The Creative Penn Podcast with Joanna Penn.

YouTube for Authors with Michael La Ronn. Rocking Self Publishing Podcast with Simon Whistler.

Interview with Michael La Ronn. GenreTainment Podcast with Marx Pyle.

An Interview with Michael La Ronn. Create A Story You Love with Lorna Faith.

Following Your Passion After a Near-Death Experience with Michael La Ronn. The Prolific Writer Podcast with Ryan J. Pelton.


How to be a part-time author and get full-time results. 

Alliance of Independent Authors, Indie Author Fringe Online Event, Oct 2017

Covered in this video:

  • Discover different ways to increase your daily word count in just minutes a day
  • Learn the tools that prolific part-time authors use to make the most of their limited writing time
  • Juggle your writing goals with your family commitments

This video details the quality of speaking, professionalism and tech savvy that I can bring to any event. 


Ask Alli Podcast Beginners' Salon: Publishing and Writing Advice for Beginning Authors (Co-Host)


Ask Alli Beginners' Self-Publishing Salon (Co-Host)

Solid advice for beginning authors. 

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Author Level Up YouTube Channel (Host)

118 informational videos for authors

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To Be Read Podcast (Co-Host)

98 Episodes about the Books I Love

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