Privacy Policy

Here's what you need to know about my website:

Information Gathering

* The only time I will ever ask for your information is in these situations:

  1.  If you join my mailing list to get updates from me when I release new novels. You can opt out of my mailing list at any time for any reason;
  2. If you buy books from my website directly. I use a third party payment processor and do NOT have access to your financial information–only your name, email address, what you purchased and for how much (if you order a paperback, I will have your physical address but it will be used solely to ship orders to you); 
  3. If you comment on my blog or contact me via the contact form on my website (I collect your contact information so that I can respond to you).

*Aside from blog comments that include your name and any other identifying information you choose to share within those posts (either directly on my site or through a comment plugin such as Disqus), none of your personal information is ever stored on my website. 

* I do not ever sell your information to a third party.

* I use the WordPress website/blog platform which does include plugins by third parties. Plugins allow me to customize my site and make it more appealing and convenient to you. However, I cannot be held responsible for any actions of any third party plugin developers and any info they may gather from or through my website. 

* I also use Google Analytics. Google's spider bots crawl my site regularly and give me reports on how people are using my site, such as what pages they are visiting, what websites they are coming from, etc. If you have a Google account, Google does potentially provide stripped-down, basic information about your demographics and browsing habits, but never your personal identifying information. I use this vital data to help improve my website experience for future visitors, as does virtually every website on the Internet. 

* I cannot be held responsible or liable for any actions or damages performed by third party plugin creators, services, or vendors. The same goes for any hacking or hacking attempts that may happen to my site. 

Affiliate Policy

I use affiliate links on this website for my books and recommended products, services, apps, or other things that I deem useful or entertaining for my readers and visitors of this site. If you click those links and make a purchase (ie. on Amazon), I may receive a small commission from the vendor. This occurs at no cost to you. 

While I do my best to disclose affiliate links whenever possible, it is not always an option due to the way my website is set up and the plugins I use to sell my books. 

Affiliate income helps me pay for the hosting of this website as well as support my growing author business. If you click these links to support me, I can't thank you enough! If not, thank you for your understanding. 

Your Choices

* If you do not agree with any of the policies above, please refrain from using my website. I respect your privacy and your choice. 

* If you feel that I am not abiding by this privacy policy, you are welcome to contact me at

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