The Sword Bear Chronicles

A teddy bear must save his owner from the boogie man and fight a gang of evil toys.

Book 1 –¬†Festival of Shadows


A teddy bear with a hero complex. A nightmare world filled evil toys. A race until midnight–or death.¬†Theodorus Ursabrand’s sole purpose as a teddy bear is to protect his owner, Grant. But when Stratus, a spirit of smoke and fog, kidnaps Grant, Theo must travel to the Stratusphere, a nightmare world filled with abandoned toys where nothing is what it seems.

Just when all is lost, he meets a traveling caravan of wandering toys who have gathered for a festival. Among them is Lucinda, another teddy bear with magical powers who agrees to help Theo sneak into Stratus’s castle to save Grant.

But there’s a catch: first Theo must engage a group of evil toys who have stolen the festival’s key attractions. The quest sounds easy enough, but Theo quickly finds himself fighting for his life against formidable and unpredictable foes. Worst of all, if Theo doesn’t rescue Grant by sunrise, they will both be trapped in the Stratusphere forever.

Toy Story meets David Bowie’s Labyrinth meets Choose Your Own Adventures in this exciting dark fantasy adventure!

Be the force behind the story, not just a reader.
Festival of Shadows is a Decision Select Novel where YOU, the reader, chooses what happens. You’ll control Theo as he fights his way through the Stratusphere.


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